Hello! Our names are Tessa and Danielle. We are Chicago-natives that have been friends since our preschool days and we have an intense love of food from all over the globe. Between the both of us, we’ve traveled to nearly 30 countries. One of the best parts of traveling is being able to experience cultures through food and taste different flavors in the cities that make it best. From eating endless tapas in Spain to biting into fresh seafood on the coast of Greece, we love to try new things and taste the world’s flavors. For our first post, we wanted to share with you two of the best things that we’ve ever eaten.

Sinfully creamy sun-baked tomato cheese fondue.

Tessa: Montreal in the dead of winter is a very cold place. I found myself wandering through the streets of old town searching for something to warm my cold hands. By a stroke of luck I walked into Chez Suzette’s, and fell in love. The ambiance reminded me of a small cozy storefront one would find tucked into a small corner of Paris. I immediately ordered the sun-baked tomato fondue and my life was changed. I am an avid lover of cheese, all cheese really, but especially fondue. When it’s done right it warms you from the inside out. So on the cold winter day, when I needed it most, this fondue with its creamy texture and warming taste brought me exactly what I needed. One might say, that the only thing bad about fondue is when it’s gone.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Danielle: Two summers ago, I went on a family trip around Europe. One our last stops on the trip was to Copenhagen, Denmark. After spending two days exploring, I fell madly in love with the city. There were charming streets full of beautiful architecture, kind people, and most importantly, some of the best dishes I’ve ever bitten into. While everything I ate during those couple days was amazing, nothing quite compared to the ice cream. Denmark is one of the largest consumers of ice cream per capita in the world and now I understand why. My family and I visited the Tivoli Gardens and, per my aunt’s recommendation, ordered ice cream at one of the shops. My sister and I both purchased the Promenadens Festis (ice cream with danish toppings). It consisted of four scoops of rich soft-serve ice cream topped with whipped cream, a chocolate covered marshmallow, and the deliciously gooey danish topping called Guf. I can not put into the words the sheer heaven that, that dish is. It was a harmony of creamy, rich flavors that danced on your taste buds. I’m tempted to return to Copenhagen solely to be able to eat the ice cream again.

Keep in touch by following our Instagram and checking back for new posts. We’re excited for you to join us on our global food adventure!


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