Every Good Day Starts With Coffee

Every good day starts with a good coffee. That is to say, for an avid coffee drinker, a bad coffee often leads to a bad morning.


Fear not, the dreaded brown water that is pretending to be your morning pick-me-up; I have found the place to go.

The day had started off poorly, I missed the train, forgot my coffee, but during my afternoon walk, I stumbled across a small cafe by the name of The Goddess and the Baker. 

Nestled into a tall building off of Wabash in the loop, this tiny oasis was begging to be visited; so I gave it a try. Immediately upon walking in, I was greeted with a pastry case that equaled no other. Between the rainbow layer cake and the crumble muffins, I knew I was in for a treat. I settled on a morning muffin, and a classic latte, and moved into the free-form seating area.

When the two items landed in front of me, I knew it was love. The latte art was meticulously done, the milk wasn’t too over frothed; yes, I found the place to go.


Needless to say, I have often gone back to this small unassuming cafe for almost everything on their menu. Still, I always get a classic latte, because every good day starts with a quality coffee.


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