Lunch With a View


One of the many popular past times to both residents and tourist alike in Chicago, is to walk along the beautiful Michigan Avenue, and take in the sites, shopping and food. One of the lesser known, but beautiful settings is a cozy spot carefully hidden in the 900 North Michigan Shopping Center. Known as Baisi Thai, this unassuming restaurant is up multiple flights of escalators, and is difficult to find for most.


Still, I couldn’t resist attempting to find a location who boasts well-made Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine, in addition to a beautiful view. One of the many secrets of Chicago is the amount of hidden gems that show distinct elevated views of the downtown city. Walking into this small restaurant, I had no idea what I was in for. Opening up into a well lit, window surrounded dining hall, immediately one feels comfortable. I opted for a well known class; the shrimp pad thai. The presentation, in a large white porcelain bowl was visually appealing. The pad thai itself was comfort food, but being reasonably priced, was also reasonably made. Still, for the view, atmosphere, and overall presentation, it was well worth the trip up the escalators.

The  900 North Michigan Shopping Center is a beautiful arena for shop-a-holics, and curious tourists alike. They offer a combination of retailers animage1-18d restaurants that could easily take up hours of a day. So, if you happen to find yourself in
need of a break from the busy Chicago streets, I encourage a stop at this affordable and satisfying restaurant; Baisi Thai. I will be back again very soon.


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