Sushi on my Mind…

For a casual date night, there are few places that boast both reasonable prices, and quality fish, when it comes to sushi. image3-9

A friend of mine, who is always on the hunt for good sushi, turned me onto a place called Sushi Para II. Back in 2013 when I first stepped foot into this establishment, it was a restaurant that had converted the second floor of a duplex into a haven for interesting minds, wine, and great sushi. image2-11

Today, they have a cute restaurant nestled into an unassuming building off of Clark in Lincoln Park, Chicago. If you’re not careful you may just walk past without noticing. Still, this staple restaurant offers an “all you can eat” menu with sit down restaurant quality sushi. image1-17

So, the next time you find yourself looking for a hole in the wall sushi place that won’t break the budget to bring a date, or a group, Sushi Para II is my personal top choice. Buy a bottle of red wine, and settle in for a night of beautiful conversation and quality sushi.


Let us know your favorite sushi restaurant! Comment below!


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