An Evening in Florence

On our 2017 summer trip to Italy and Greece, my family and I stopped in Florence for 2 evenings. The first day we did an on-foot tour of all of the prominent spots – the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, and Ponte Vecchio to name a few. At the end of the tour we asked for a few recommendations on places to go and our tour guide mentioned a small cafe a little further in the city. When we got inside the cafe, it felt homey and there were a few other couples sitting at other tables. For this meal, I stuck with what suits my salty palette: grilled octopus antipasti and homemade pasta with truffle and sausage. Of course, I also ordered the white house wine.

The grilled octopus had a nice smoky flavor. The dish was kept simple with grilled onions mixed into the dish.  It was a light dish that left plenty of room for the next dish so it was a good way to start the meal. The pasta dish was a next level eating experience. The noodles were truly the best noodles that I have ever eaten. I can still remember the texture of the noodles and the light, fresh flavor. The sausage was very lean and the truffle complemented the other flavors well. This is one of those dishes that I would fly by to Florence simply to taste and experience it again.


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