Sugar Fixation: Stan’s Donuts

Stan’s Donuts is one of those places that you frequently see on your Instagram feed. Whether you’re looking at a foodie blogger’s account or it’s just one of your friends, Stan’s Donuts is everywhere – and for good reason. The aesthetics of each store is so cute (evidence below with the green couch). You could probably take a picture sitting on the floor and it would still look good. Also the donuts are displayed in this big glass case that tempts you to try everything.

Secondly, the donuts are the perfect sugary snack. So far I’ve been to Stan’s twice, the location near Diversey and the second one off of the Damen blue line. These donuts really are good for any time of the day. If you want a sugary fix in the morning, they also have coffee you can pick up on the way. Both times I’ve gone, I went in the afternoon as a little sweet tooth indulgence. The first time I went, I decided to get the Maple Long John since I had been very behind on the “bacon on a donut” trend. The salty and savory combo was just right and I quickly, pretty much inhaled. the whole donut.


The second time I went, I stopped in with my little sister. She had never been before so she was really excited to delve in. We both took about 10 minutes weighing the pros and cons and trying to decide just the right donut that we were craving at the moment. She ended up getting the Blueberry Bismark and I decided to get the Boston Cream. She said she wanted to try something that she hadn’t yet before, while I was the opposite, I wanted to munch on a classic. The Boston Cream had Stan’s own spin on it.  The filling was more of a creamy frosting than bavarian cream so it was a little sweeter and wasn’t as wet.  Additionally, the frosting on top was a bit of a darker chocolate than a standard Boston Cream. Generally, I would probably prefer grabbing a Boston Creme made in the standard sense, but this was still a tasty twist on a classic.

Have any recommendations for delicious donut places to check out in Chicago? Comment below!


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