The Best Fast Italian Fare

I was first introduced to Vapiano during my freshman year of college (by my fellow blogger Tess!). I didn’t really expect very much the first time I went except for standard Italian dishes. However, I was surprised by their wide variety of not only sauces and garnishes, but also noodles. I’m personally a really big fan of curly noodles so I was immediately lured into getting a dish with the campanelle pasta. I ended up choosing the Granchi Di Fiume which comes with campanelle noodles, crawfish, fresh veggies and a creamy lobster sauce. From first bite, I knew it was love. 

The sauce was indulgently creamy and the noodles were cooked to perfection. The small bits of cucumber added a fresh crunch and the crawfish was refreshingly juicy. The dish was perfectly balanced between creamy decadence and fresh flavors. Since that day, every time that I go to Vapiano I order the exact same dish. Perhaps I’ll venture the menu someday, but each time I go there, tasting this dish is an absolute pleasure.

Vapiano is a great spot for lunch or dinner. For lunch, I like to also get a side salad and a midday cappuccino. For dinner, they have a great assortment of wines and sangria to pair with your meal. They also have a great selection of antipasti, many of my friends have recommended the Piatto, which has a variety of Italian meats and accompanying veggies.

Have any recommendations for places in Chicago with good noodles? Let us know below!



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