Bicycles and Coffee: A Perfect Match

In a world that is constantly on the go, it is essential to find time to stop and enjoy the moment.
Heritage Bicycles came to my attention during an on-the-go instance. I had just missed a train, and desperately needed to get work done in-between meetings. As such, I was hastily moving down Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, and was perplexed by what I came upon; bicycles and coffee in one place. At first, when viewed from the street, this small coffee shop/bicycle shop seems unassuming. Additionally, it is difficult to determine exactly what it is. Yet, these are where the gems hide.

I walked into the second of two doors which I assumed was the coffee shop portion (I was right). The motif was modern with an antique and homey energy. Bicycles, and bike related objects were strategically placed around the brightly lit open concept room. Unlike the hectic coffee shops that many frequent on a daily basis to take in the necessary caffeine fix, the ambiance here was relaxed, quiet and exactly what I needed.

The single barista took my order; a latte with no frills. and I placed myself on a bench style table and set myself up for a moment of productivity and relaxation. I am very particular with two coffee beverages specifically and singularly; cappuccinos and lattes. There are many coffee aficionados in the world, and while I do not claim that title, I know when a latte or cappuccino is made correctly. Indeed, this particular latte was beautifully made, the coffee beans themselves were not over roasted, and all was right with the world.

Taking time to smell the roses (or the coffee) is an essential portion of life. So often the distractions around us create an hectic environment; so take a break, and enjoy a moment, and find someplace new. Who knows, maybe a love for coffee and bicycles will be found.

Please comment your thoughts/favorite spots for a quiet moment! Cheers!



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