Kuma’s Too Is Doing It Right

Whenever you see a glass like this, know that it’s time to party.

Kuma’s Too, which is located off of Diversey Parkway in Chicago, is the second restaurant opened after its parent restaurant, Kuma’s Corner. If you’re from Chicago, you’ve probably heard the hype, and if not, I’m here to split the beans; this place changes lives.

Being known for their burgers and eclectic topping combinations, Kuma’s Too does what it knows right; high quality burgers and a cool atmosphere.

Orange painted walls and black accents make for a visually interesting dynamic, accompanied by an expansive bar and hearty food.

To start with, the Barbecue Pork Fries were calling my name. Crispy french fries artfully topped with steaming pulled pork, barbecue sauce,
green onion and a perfect amount of shredded monterrey jack cheese were everything I desired and more. This, combined with any of their signature cocktails would be perfect bar food for two. But, when you come to Kuma’s, you come for the burgers.

My choice, called the “Goatsnake” was decadent. Firstly, it was topped with buttermilk breaded deep fried onions. Not to mention a beautiful lemon vinaigrette that perfectly cut the creaminess of the goat cheese, and corn relish.

This burger in my book was a ten out of ten. Perfectly messy, just the perfect amount of pink inside, and topped with fried onions… need I say more.

I will be back for more very soon.

Let us know what you think! Comment down below your go-to burger joint!



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