Friends since preschool, the Chicago-natives Tessa and Danielle are avid foodies with a passion for travel. Between the two, they have seen 30 different countries and tasted flavors from across the globe.


Tessa: “I have honed my love of food & cuisine from my travels abroad and within the United States, but my favorite spot is in Chicago; Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba located on the north side of the city captures flavorful Spanish tapas perfectly (and I always come back for the sangria).”

The best thing you’ve ever eaten?

“In my most recent trip to Peurto Vallarta, Mexico, I was lucky enough to find a local vendor whose fresh calamari was the stuff of dreams; warm, crunchy and simple robust flavors”


Danielle: “From a young age, I was surrounded by homemade Filipino dishes, which grew my deep love of food and desire to try dishes around the world. In Chicago, my favorite local spot is the Atwood Cafe in the Burnham Hotel. They have incredible contemporary American small plates that pack a strong flavor punch.”

The best thing you’ve ever eaten?

“Promenadens Festis (ice cream with danish toppings) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Four scoops of rich soft-serve ice cream topped with whipped cream, a chocolate covered marshmallow, and the deliciously gooey danish topping called Guf.”